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TAN CHAU TRADING – SERVICE & MANUFACTURING CO., LTD started as a distributor of products of BAYER (Germany), TANATEX (Netherlands) and KISCO (Korea). Grasping the needs and development trends of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry in the process of regional and international integration, Tan Chau has boldly moved from a trader (distributor) to a manufacturer of auxiliary chemicals. Dyeing with Vietnamese brand name by sending technicians abroad to survey, learn and absorb modern advanced production technology of Bayer Group (Germany) and apply it to the environment and production conditions. in Vietnam.

For more than a decade (Tan Chau Company has been operating since 1996), Tan Chau’s position has been constantly improving in the supply of chemical auxiliaries and dyes for the textile dyeing, printing and washing industry. washing and grinding)

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Tan Chau Aspiration Song

The song When I look at you, I love the ivory figure. Ao dai bouncing radiantly earnestly. When my mother smiles happily, wearing a cool silk shirt, my heart feels more and more like home.…
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